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What Happens When...?
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What Happens When...?
Work and Family Life Changes

As your life changes, your benefits status and needs may change. This section can help you when you experience a major life change. It highlights your benefits status, options and issues to consider if you marry, have or adopt a child, retire, etc. Typical changes are listed below:

  • You are hired
  • You get married or have/adopt a child
  • You become disabled
  • You die while employed
  • You end employment or retire


What Happens When...?
You Are Hired
You Get Married or Have/Adopt a Child
You Become Disabled
You Die While Employed
You End Employment or Retire
Disclaimer: Colonial Benefits Online provides only an overview of your benefits from Colonial School District and The State of Delaware. Colonial School District and The State of Delaware reserve the right to amend or to terminate any benefit plan at any time, with or without notice. Review more important legal information about your benefits plans.

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