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Medical/Prescription Drugs
Your State Medical/Prescription Drugs Plan

The links below briefly highlight your available plan options offered by the State. For more comprehensive information, refer to your open enrollment booklet and other materials available online at www.ben.omb.delaware.gov/oe.


For more details about how eligible expenses are covered, refer to your Summary Plan Description, available online at www.ben.omb.delaware.gov/medical.

State’s Highmark plan summaries - http://ben.omb.delaware.gov/medical/bcbs/documents/highmark-booklet-2016.pdf

State’s Aetna plan summaries - http://ben.omb.delaware.gov/medical/aetna/index.shtml

2017/2018 Highmark Booklet - http://ben.omb.delaware.gov/medical/bcbs/documents/highmark-booklet-fy18.pdf

2017/2018 Aetna Booklet - http://ben.omb.delaware.gov/medical/aetna/documents/aetna-oe-guide.pdf?ver=0417

Express Scripts Customer Service: 1-800-939-2142 or 1-800-282-2881


Coverage for Adult Children Under Age 26 Effective July 1, 2011

Effective July 1, 2011, the State Group Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) will include coverage for adult children up to age 26. Your adult dependent children may be enrolled in the plan, up to age 26, with no requirement or restriction on marital, employment, student, resident or tax status. In other words, you may enroll an otherwise eligible adult child, up to age 26, whether or not the child is married, employed, a student, a tax eligible dependent or living with you.* Coverage of eligible adult children may continue until the end of the month in which the adult child turns age 26.

* The new federal health insurance law relating to dependent coverage of children requires the State of Delaware to offer group health coverage to an employee's children who have not reached age 26.


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