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To Colonial Benefits Online

At Colonial School District (The School District), we offer a comprehensive and flexible benefits program designed to meet the changing needs of our employees and their families.

Here, you'll find everything you need to know about your benefits from Colonial School District and The State of Delaware, including how to enroll, what your choices are, and how to find forms and links to our vendors' Web sites.

Please continue to visit our site to answer your benefit questions. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.


Snapshot of Colonial School District Benefits

Cigna PPO Dental Coverage, Group 3340873, Customer Service Telephone 800 244 6224

District Plan Premiums Monthly Rate
Level Employee Employee/Spouse Employee/Children Family
Plan A $58.34 $91.86 $114.10 $156.30
Plan B $45.60 $71.10 $88.20 $120.88

EyeMed (ADVANTAGE NETWORK), Group, Group 1011440, Customer Service Telephone 888 203 7437

District Premiums Monthly Rate
Employee Employee/Spouse Employee/Children Family
$14.60 $27.38 $25.06 $38.00

Prudential Life/AD&D Coverage—Benefit is 2 times your annual salary (this amount may not be increased or decreased).
The Beneficiary Form must be submitted for all new enrollees or for those currently enrolled wishing to make beneficiary changes.

Dental and Vision Cards – You do not need a card to receive services. For your convenience, EyeMed will mail a card to your home shortly after enrollment. Please remember, you do not need a card for services. Colonial School District does not provide social security numbers to the providers. Your ID Number for vision and dental is your Employee ID Number proceeded with three zeroes. For example, emplid 123456, your id number will be 000-123456. Your employee id number is located on your paystub.




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Contact a plan provider to get more information about your benefits or to find a doctor, dentist or hospital.

Visit the site for important health and wellness information.


Disclaimer: Colonial Benefits Online provides only an overview of your benefits from Colonial School District and The State of Delaware. Colonial School District and The State of Delaware reserve the right to amend or to terminate any benefit plan at any time, with or without notice. Review more important legal information about your benefits plans.

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