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State Group Life Insurance
Your State Group Life Insurance Plan

Life insurance is an important part of your family's overall financial security. Even if no one depends on you for financial support, life insurance benefits may be necessary to settle your estate. That's why the State of Delaware offers you and your eligible dependents Group Life Insurance through Securian Financial Group, Inc. Under the plan, you may elect coverage for yourself of one to six times base pay to a maximum of $350,000.

Cost of Coverage
The cost for coverage depends on your age. The state calculates your premium based on your current age and salary. Please refer to the table below to determine your cost:

Age Monthly Rate (per $1,000) Age Monthly Rate (per $1,000)
30 $0.050 87 $5.113
30-34 $0.059 88 $5.483
35-39 $0.077 89 $5.889
40-44 $0.096 90 $6.323
45-49 $0.142 91 $68.30
50-54 $0.244 92 $7.393
55-59 $0.382 93 $8.067
60-64 $0.594 94 $8.852
65-69 $1.037 95 $10.088
70-74 $1.837 96 $12.119
75-79 $2.843 97 $15.608
80-84 $4.357 98 $21.543
85 $4.449 99 $23.140
86 $4.763    

Dependent Life Coverage

Effective January 1, 2011

Benefits eligible active employees enrolled in the GUL program will have the following dependent Term Life options to select from:






$7.05 per month



$3.08 per month


$10,000 for each eligible child

$1.16 per month
(Covers all eligible children)

Coverage is now in effect for benefits eligible active employees who participated in the one-time open enrollment opportunity between October 4, 2010 and October 20, 2010 to increase spouse coverage from $10,000 to $20,000 without providing Securian Financial Group, Inc with evidence of good health.

Also, employees enrolled in the GUL program with child(ren) coverage as of December 31, 2010 had their coverage increased automatically from $6,000 per child(ren) to $10,000 per child(ren) effective January 1, 2011 with no increase to the cost of the child(ren) coverage.



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