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How To Get Continued Coverage

Both you and the School District have responsibilities if qualifying events occur that make you or your covered dependents eligible for continued coverage.

You or your covered dependents must notify the School District within 60 days of the date of the qualifying event or the date coverage ceased under the plan, whichever is later, when one of these events occurs:

  • You become divorced or legally separated, or
  • Your dependent child is no longer considered an eligible dependent as defined by the plan.

Your verbal notice is not binding until confirmed in writing. This 60-day period is different from the 30-day period you have to notify the School District when you have experienced a life event in order to change your coverage status.

The School District will notify you or your covered dependents of the right to elect continued coverage should the following events occur:

  • Termination of employment,
  • Reduction in work hours, or
  • Your death.

Election Period
You and covered dependents will have a 60-day period in which to elect continued coverage, beginning on the later of:

  • The date your coverage terminates by reason of the qualifying event, or
  • The date you or your covered dependents receive notification of the right to elect continued coverage.

Type of Coverage
If you choose continued coverage, you will have the same coverage that you had the day before your qualifying event. You will not be asked to furnish evidence of good health.


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